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50% OFF on Skin PSDs, Pasting Videos & Graphics CODE: SAVE50
50% OFF on Skin PSDs, Pasting Videos & Graphics CODE: SAVE50

What are SmartPSDs?

SmartPSDs are fully editable, layered Photoshop documents with the ability to change the design on your product previews while retaining their realistic look. We use the Photoshop smart-object layers feature to make it happen; that's why we call them SmartPSDs.

What is the use of SmartPSDs Mockups?

Suppose you sell Skin Wraps or printable products like Sublimation Phone cases on online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or your website. In that case, you need to showcase your different designs on various models to list your products for your buyers. It's not practical for you to physically produce the final products with multiple textures/designs and conduct a photo shoot, do their retouching, and then upload them to the website because it's too time-consuming and costly.

So with the use of SmartPSDs mockup templates, you can easily display your designs on the products digitally, and they look realistic, just like actual products. That's why SmartPSD mockup templates are essential for selling such products.

How to use and edit these mockups?

These mockups are easy to use, and anyone with basic knowledge can use them. We have step-by-step video tutorials which can help you get started.

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Why VecRas?

Our Skin Mockups templates match the CutFile templates we offer so you will get matching Skin coverage and style. It will help you achieve consistency; your listings will show actual product images. 

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Need another reason?

Get a 50% discount across all Skin Mockups, and use Code "SAVE50".


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