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Heart Shape & Love Symbol Logo Templates Pack of 32 Awesome unique designs


32 highly creative unique vector logo templates on the theme of love symbol heart shaped graphics are clubbed in a single pack with more than 50% discount. These Logos can be useful for care, dating, affection, business, medical, veterinary, cafe, etc.

All logos are a pure vector with fewer anchor points and clean paths. Logo shapes are a pure vector with perfect lines and curves. Horizontal and vertical version with Colour, Reverse, and Black & White options included. Which are perfect for the screen, digital or large format printing, websites, apps and also suitable for machine routine, cutting, engraving, etching, embossing, and embroidery, etc. You get a zip file containing the vector EPS, Ai, PDF, SVG and a help file for the font used. In case you need any other file format, like PNG, JPG with the brand name you wanted, etc, you can contact us, and we’ll convert it for you at no extra cost.

see description for each as below:-

Heart Wrap - Simple Creative Iconic Stock Logo Template

Creative pictograph showing a red paper wrapped in the shape of a heart and this graphic is representing love, care, affection, friendship, security, creativity, art craft skills, hospitality. It is a must choice for heart specialty hospitals, heart care specialization field, health care products, greetings, dating app, couple app, love app, gift shops, social media, creative clubs, and stationery related businesses.

Heart Guard - Simple Iconic Heart & Crest ( Shield ) Stock Logo Template

Abstract shield enclosing little heart inside it representing protection. This figure is symbolic of care, safety, health, love, integration, peace, solid heart. This is going to fit best for hospitals, safety app, privacy app, heart care products, fitness zones, gift items,  security agencies, and other businesses & fields related to health & fitness.

Unique Heart - Finger Print Iconic Stock logo Template

Creative heart-shaped graphic composed of fingerprints. This logo is symbolic of true love, security, uniqueness, trust, identity, individuality, purity, heart care, creativity. The logo can be useful for security devices and private apps, heart care institutes, couple apps, love, and fun games etc.

Love Angel - Cute Iconic Stock Logo Template

This logo is showing a heart flying with an angle. Simple heart shape with angel wing shows love, care, beauty, heaven, trust, health, fitness, freedom, softness, spiritual concepts. The logo can be useful for girly fashion, accessories, dating sites, love apps, gift galleries etc.

Love Music - Alphabetic Stock Logo Template

Simple and clean heart shaped abstract graphic representing love and music. This logo can be useful for music apps, music events, music accessories etc. It represents music, joy, peace, sweetness, valentine, melodious voice, celebrations, love, friendship, ongoing process, happiness, pure, relaxation. This abstract is going to fit perfectly for music stores, DJ's, greeting cards, love blogs, websites, designers and other music accessories businesses.

Love Curve - Simple Iconic Heart Logo Design Template

The logo is showing a creative heart swirl with an abstract human figure. This logo is representing humanity, love, care, healthcare etc. This logo can be useful for heart care centers, dating apps, creative fields, matrimonial, beauty, and fashion etc.

Electronic Heart - Circuit Chip Iconic Stock Logo Template

Creative graphic showing an abstract heart having a microchip inside representing technology and programming. This figure is symbolic of the creative mind, security, advancement, computing, thinking skills, hidden gadgets and could be useful for kids toys, security gadget, gift items, couple apps, love sites, electronic items, social media, software hardware repair, tech group etc.

Organic Care - Nature Heart Stock Logo Template

This logo is showing a heart-shaped organic figure having a seed growing inside it. Representing nature, care, eco-friendly, environment related, health care, organic farming, food, greenery, herbal care, nature love, creative heart, healthy heart, kind heart etc. This logo can be useful for beauty care, environment welfare, organic farming etc.

Electro Heart - Plug & Spark Iconic Stock Logo Template

Creative graphic showing an abstract heart and electric plug with power symbol. This figure is representing energy, power, backup, light, love, fun, enjoyment and could be useful for kids games, toys, shock products, gift items, artificial power sources, lighting gadgets, safety app, gift gallery.

Joyful Heart - Happy Figure Iconic Stock Logo Template

A creative graphic representing a heart with a human figure. The logo can be useful for heart care, love accessories, gift gallery, toy store, dating site etc.

Love Pool - Creative Composition of Hearts Stock Logo Template

A simple and clean graphic representing a heart shape. The whole composition is an idol for couple meeting, chatting app, matrimonial, dating, gift gallery etc.

Feminine - Women Figure Stock Logo Design

This abstract logo is showing a continuous linear artistic heart shape as a feminine figure. This logo is representing continuity, endlessness, freedom, joy, love, and flexibility. This logo can be useful for women welfare, health care, women empowerment etc.

Environmental Care - Simple Tree Graphic with Heart Shape Stock Logo Template

Simple and clean pictograph representing a tree with a heart. This graphic is symbolic of eco-friendly, organic farming, love, happiness, purity,  care, healthy food, clean and green atmosphere, freshness, peace, oxygen, afforestation, pollution free environment. It could be the best fit for environmental conservators, organic farming, eco-friendly items, health care food, natural products, heart care products, a symbol of afforestation etc.

Organic Care Group - Nature Community Logo Template

This logo is showing a simple freehand style abstract graphic composition of a group of people with a heart symbol and green leaves creating a cute love plant. This logo is representing the idea of the communal growth of nature lovers. Organic shapes are helping the idea to stand out as being natural. It could be useful for organic product, eco-friendly project, environmental groups, and other similar fields.

Nature Lover - Figurative Heart Iconic Stock Logo Design

Single continuous line creating heart shape abstract graphic with one side leaf, little circle showing human figure. This abstract logo is representing vibrancy, media, natural beauty, human figures, love, care, friendship, messenger, peace, forestation, love for nature, environmental care and it is must fit for birds sanctuaries, organic products, national parks, social apps, eco friendly & non profit projects, love app & nature conservation blog etc.

Indian Matrimonial Services - Marriage Bureau Logo

This geometrical shape logo is showing a composition of a kalasha (Kalash or kalasha) made of red heart symbol as pot and the top triangle shape as coconut hold between the leaves along with human icons. This is a traditional and modern combination of the Indian marriage concept. As red heart symbolizes Kumkum and Sindoor that is the important part of Indian Marriage and most importantly as we all knows it stands for love. Three dots together representing a community marriage concept. Also can be defined as two dots representing couple and the center dot is the uniting of both who is serving the cause. Also representing Bindi. Minimal looks are easy to remember and balance looks representing the idea of perfection that again works for a perfect match. This logo can be useful for communal marriage services, matrimonial services, marriage bureau, Hindu marriage services, Telegu matrimonial, south Indian matrimonial services, and traditional marriage services, other than matrimonial services.

Wedding Photographer - Creative Abstract Stock Logo Template for Photo Studio

This logo is showing a camera including a heart inside it and a diamond ring on the top of it. This logo is giving the impression of love, cuteness, adorability, softness, magic, gentleness, decency, delicacy and elegance. This logo can be useful for a wedding photographer, photography studio, couple photography, event photography, creative studio, wedding studio, creative photography, photography app etc.

Perfect Match - Matrimony Couple Logo Template

This logo is mainly designed for matrimonial services as it is clearly illustrating the idea of love and togetherness. This logo is showing a heart being filled with a composition of male and female figures. Both were together making a couple. This logo basically stands for Asian communities according to the outlook of the couple. This logo can be useful for matrimonial services, dating sites, community matchmaking, wedding accessories brands, wedding venues, matrimony sites, marriage bureau etc.

Heart Care - Iconic Stock Logo Design for Medical & Health Care Stream

Creative abstract representing four hearts and first aid sign in the center. This abstract is showing care, affection, first aid treatment, bondage, heart, kindness, sympathy, humanity, delicacy, group, health care, friendship, continuous flow, importance, the color of blood. It could be used for hospitals, health care centers, health care products, greeting cards, health blogs etc.

Pet Lovers - Simple Iconic Animal Care Logo Design Template

Simple and clean pictograph making a medical cross symbol and human figures along with it representing the community of pet care. Heart shapes are symbolic of love. Overall logo concept is giving the idea of healthcare and love for animals. This logo can be useful for a veterinary hospital, animal care center, pet store, pet shops etc.

Heart Care - Health & Medical Iconic Stock Logo Template

This logo is showing a heart graphic with a human icon and a bandage in the shape of the medical cross symbol over it highlights the concept of healing. It is representing caring, hospitality, heart care, love, acceptance, satisfaction, healthy heart, humanity, doctors and could be used perfectly for heart care hospitals, nursing institutes, exercising human figure, heart care products, gym and fitness zones, doctors community, love gifts and greeting, and many more purposes.

Angel Heart - Creative Angel Wings Logo Design Template

Creative abstract logo showing a little heart with wings. This logo can be useful for a couple, matrimonial and dating, fashion apps, kids apparel and fashion sites.

Heart Quotes - Simple Iconic Stock Logo Template for Authors, Poets & Love Apps

Heart icons made with quote marks (colons) and lines representing text. Red blood color is showing love. This graphic is representing friendship, love literature, poetry, affection, understanding, care, purity, greetings, creative typography, peace, declaration. It's a must option for greeting cards, gift items, gift galleries, creative writing blog, matrimonial chats, love chat apps, love books, social media, a symbol of love and other businesses related to gift items and typography.

Love Elephant - Creative Heart Shape Animal Stock Logo Template

An interesting logo showing an elephant made out of multiple hearts-shaped figures which overall gives a look of a big heart. The logo very aptly represents love and care, strength, empathy, and people with a soft corner for wildlife. It can be useful for non-profit organizations working for animal welfare, veterinary clinics, animal feeds, baby care products, cardiologists and their clinics, blood banks, medical emergency services, and other related fields.

Love Bird - Abstract Creative Stock Logo Template

This is an abstract graphic of bird embedded in a heart shape. This logo can be useful for nonprofit organizations as it represents a big heart and freedom to fly freely as a peace messenger and also can be useful for couple and dating apps.

Wildlife Love - Abstract Lion & Bird In Heart Icon Stock Logo Template of Animal & Wild Care

Artistic pictograph showing a lion face with a bird profile composed in a heart shape icon representing love for wildlife. It is symbolic of royalty, leadership, love for animals, natural balance, biodiversity, hand drawing and it is a perfect option for wildlife sanctuaries, natural habitats, conservation & wildlife projects etc. It is a perfect option for wildlife sanctuaries, natural habitats, artists, conservation projects, wildlife blog, animal welfare etc.  

Love Café - Cute Abstract Simple Stock Logo Design

A simple and clean graphic representing a heart shape cup in perspective with two little hearts above of it. The whole composition is an idol for a couple meeting, chatting app, matrimonial, dating, gift gallery, crafts etc.

Quality Time - Cute Hour Glass Iconic Stock Logo Template

This logo is showing an hourglass or sand timer in the shape of hearts. It is representing a relationship, strong bonding, interaction, unbound love, upcoming events, the infinity sign, timeless love and could be useful for dating sites, messaging app, restaurants, watch manufactures, online time recording software, love app, alarm app, gifting items, meeting places, game & entertainment etc.

Love Bend - Gender Icons Creative Stock Logo Design

This logo is showing a heart embedded into male and female universal iconic symbols. It is representing a couple, pair, love, healthy relationship, affection, gender equality, completeness, togetherness. This logo can be useful for matrimonial, dating sites, love apps etc.

Love Feather - Peacock Bird Quill Creative Stock Logo Template

This logo is showing a peacock bird feather embedded in a heart shape. Peacock feather symbolizes immortality, prosperity, literacy, royalty, love, compassion, soul and peace. This logo is giving the graceful impression of creativity, delicacy, elegance, felinity, beauty, softness. It could be a useful option for the creative field, education field, handicraft, art & craft, school, dance academy, art school, bird sanctuary, handmade craft, printing services etc.

Mama’s Care - Human Icon Logo Template

This logo is showing a beautiful bond of love between mother and child in a very soft form of graphical shapes. This logo can be useful for maternity centers, childcare centers, child specialist clinics, mother care products, baby care products etc.


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