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PS5 Slim Digital & Steam Deck OLED Live | 40% OFF on Skin Mockups & Pasting Videos | Code: SAVE40
PS5 Slim Digital & Steam Deck OLED Live | 40% OFF on Skin Mockups & Pasting Videos | Code: SAVE40

Vinyl Pasting Tips

Vinyl Pasting Tips 

Precautions Before Applying Vinyl Skin

  • Always clean the device with a Microfiber Cloth. 
  • Vinyl should be bubble & dust-free for a smooth finish. 
  • Never use sharp-edged tool directly on device. 
  • Skin seems to stick better after a few hours of application.
  • Do not use excessive heat on the device directly.

Basic Technique

  • The first step is Weeding (removing negative shapes from the cut with the help of a Weeding tool). 
  • Before pasting, clean the device with a microfiber cloth. 
  • Peel the skin from its adhesive back (release paper) carefully. 
  • Pick a starting point, precisely align peeled off skin with the bottom such as speakers/charging port. 
  • Then start applying skin from one direction by pressing down with the help of fingers & a little pressure. 
  • Gently smooth the skin down onto the surface of your device. 
  • The starting point may be different on various size devices but the basic technique will remain the same. 
  • Use squeegee (a tool for vinyl pasting) to get rid of bubbles on flat surfaces. 
  • Use Heat Gun/Hairdryer & Microfiber cloth to smoothen corners and edges. 
  • Apply heat where needed and rub it with a microfiber cloth.   

Pasting Logo

  • Paste skin partially on paper then align with device, once aligned perfectly remove release paper & paste it.
  • Method 2: Paste masking tape over logo then remove it after pasting the shape on its accurate position. 
  • Press from the center out and gradually remove the tape when it gets stick to the bottom. 
  • Small Logos can also be pasted using any long tip tool. 

By Folding Half Release Paper

  • Do not remove the release paper entirely from the skin for pasting. 
  • Peel the half skin and fold the release paper vertically into half. 
  • Precisely align & paste skin onto the device, once satisfied remove the remaining part from the release paper. 
  • This method is helpful when applying the skin on big size devices (Laptops, iMac & Gaming Consoles). 
  • Folding half release paper secures the other half from getting stuck anywhere else. 
  • This method is helpful when only one person is pasting skin on big sized devices without help.

Method 3

  • Remove skin entirely from the release paper & repaste it partially for easy installation. 
  • After successful application on half device, remove the remaining paper and paste onto device.
  • This method works well only on thick vinyl material. 

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