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Avail 50% OFF on Skin Mockups, Video Tutorials & Graphics | Code: “SAVE50”

13 Phulkari Seamless Tileable and Scalable Vector Patterns

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Phulkari - Traditional Embroidery Pattern of Punjab Region

This graphic pattern set is inspired by the rich heritage of Punjab region situated in India. It is showing 13 different basic stitches and patterns of Phulkari. Phulkari is a technique of embroidery that is used to be done on a cotton fabric called Khaddrah with colorful silk threads and use to be done on head scarfs that are called Odini in native region. Phulkari motifs are also known as flower work, and it is most famous among Punjabis. People related to Punjab use to wear phulkari on wedding occasions and festivals. Here I am representing basic patterns mostly used for phulkari.

It can be useful for traditional clothing accessories, printed tags, branding, cultural themes, sublimation accessories, bed sheet prints, curtains, wedding cards, festival greetings and prints, etc.
All designs are available in transparent background along with both vector such as AI & EPS format and raster version such as PNG & TIF pattern tiles including PDF