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3d Vacuum Heat Transfer Dye Sublimation Case Design Mockup PSDs

3d dye sublimation is a part of the printing process where heat is used to transfer ink onto the materials such as plastic, paper, or fabric. 3D sublimation uses vacuum heat press or oven; it can entirely sublimate curved objects using a vacuum, like phone cases, mugs, computer mouse, etc. We create different types of 3d sublimation PSD Templates for Phone/Tablet case mockups of all the models of the popular brands.
Browse our collection in different types of 3d cases.


Plastic IMD Cases for 3d sublimation

Plastic (PC) IMD Case for 3d sublimation printing are also called clip case or snap case; comes in matt or glossy finish and some models has different camera hole and button cut options depends on the manufacturer. But we do care of these and provide separate gloss layer for both types of finishes and create multiple camera hole types if available or do make customized version as per the client’s model.


Crystal Deflector Cases for 3d Sublimation

3d Crystal Deflector cases are made of transparent plastic material and printed with 3d sublimation. As in sublimation ink printing process white is not the color and it uses surface color instead, it creates the special effect when printed design gets sublimated on the transparent cover. It shows device color instead of white areas, to make a different look. So, we have replicated the effect exactly same in our PSD mockup templates which gets change as the devices color on the case.


2-in-1 Hybrid Cases for 3d Sublimation

3d Hybrid case is a combination of hard and soft case and made up of two parts; plastic shell with sublimation printing and the rubber or TPU bumper to give more protection to the device. We have done our mockups the same way; So, you have the option to change the bumper color separately in our PSD template. Also, included a front view of the phone cover.


Dual Protective Cases for 3d Sublimation

The dual protective case is full two cases combined and provide full protection. These are all over printed cases with 3d sublimation and made up with TPU and polymer material. Inner part comes with color variations; as so we have done the mockups separate both parts fully editable and also, added the front view of the case to show full coverage on the front.