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How to get the best cuts from low budget Cutters?

Step by Step guide to achieve perfect cuts with using VecRas CutFile Templates


Cricut is a small cutting machine mostly used by small scale businesses. This cutter is operated by software Cricut Design Space. It accepts various file formats such as JPG, SVG, DXF, PNG, GIF or BMP, but we recommend SVG format to achieve crisp and precise output.

Loading files in Cricut Design Space

  • Locate Upload in the left tool bar then click on Upload Image/Browse

  • Select SVG file from your PC and hit Save

  • Under Recently Uploaded Images, select and click on Insert Images

  • You're all set to produce perfect fit skins.



Silhouette Cameo 3

The Silhouette Cameo 3 (as of 2016), is the newest die cut machine by Silhouette. The largest cutting mat is 12″ x 24″. All Silhouette cutting machines use a free included software called Silhouette Studio (Basic version). We recommend DXF format to achieve crisp and precise output.

Import files with exact dimensions

     (These steps are to followed only once after installation)

  • Select "As-is" under DXF tab, hit OK 
  • Quit and relaunch the software 

  • Press Ctrl+O, select DXF files from your PC

  • You're done importing the files perfectly