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We love to help our customers as much as we can. Not only we produce the stock logo templates, but

we also do related services as per your logo and identity requirements.

[content]We love to help our customers as much as we can. Not only we produce the stock logo templates, but

we also do related services as per your logo and identity requirements.


SmartPSDs Services

2Logo Customization

2-Logo Customization

You bought our stock logo template and needed to change your name? No problem we provide Free customization service with the purchase of our exclusive logo. Which includes text changes, color changes,and minor design updates. We can also provide you multiple file formats as per your need.

For non-exclusive logos (Standard License) $30 customization service fees will apply.


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Logo Redesigning

Logo Redesigning

You already have the logo and want to revamp it with retaining the existing concept? If so, our Logo redesigning service is the best fit for you. Allow us to give a fresh look to your logo so it will remain trendy in coming years.

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Logo Vectorization

Logo Vectorization

You have the logo already, and you still love it. Unfortunately, you don’t have the source files of the logo? Don’t worry we can recreate the vector (source) file from your logo jpg so you can improve the visual look it, on the screen and print. And we also provide the black vector version of the logo, so you can use it in various other applications like screen printing, vinyl cutting, embossing, engraving, routing, etc. Our service charges for the logo vectorization service is ranging from $30 to $100 according to the complexity of your logo.

Send us your logo for the quotes!

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Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo

Didn't you find the appropriate logo from our logos stock templates? No problem we will tailor a logo for you as per your product, service or identity needs.

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Identity Design

Identity Design

Get premium service and a full kit of your identity designs including custom logo options, branding guide, stationery design and additional logo versions in various formats.

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Branding Guide

Branding Guide

Are you serious about your logo appearance at print and screen? So we are, to create a helpful document as a style guide for your brand. Which contains the detail about font usage, color palette, do’s and don't,etc. By just spending a small extra amount, you can maintain the consistency of the appearance of your logo.

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Stationery design

Stationery design

The logo was complete! What’s next?

The very next thing you need is your stationery design and, of course, we do that too. Order the service now and we’ll create the best Business Card, Letter Head and Envelope design complimenting your logo. We also take care of International standard print sizes and provide print ready file formats for hassle free print process.

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CutFiles Services

What are Cut files?

Why do I need Cut Files?

Which format you provide? Will it work for my cutter?

Which type of media I can use on that?

How accurate these cut lines are?

What about the quality of the cut files?

Will it work with laser cutter too?

Are there any precautions/suggestions for using the files?

My device is not listed can you make it for me?

I need adjustments in the cut style can you customize it for me?

I also need some creative cut ready graphics to make vinyl or laser cut products etc. can you provide that too?

LogoVenue Services

What is a Logo Template?

What is the difference between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive License?

What I will get after purchasing the logo template?

How can I change the name of my company on the logo template?

Can I use the logo on my website and business card etc.?

How can I utilize the logo I have purchased?

I didn’t find the best-fit logo template for my business; do you make a custom logo too?

I have a low-resolution image (JPG) of the logo; I need the vector version of it, can you convert it?

I love my existing logo concept, but it seems outdated now, can you retain the concept and redesign it to give a fresh look?

I already have the logo; can you design my stationery with this?

Why you need design brief (information) for designing the custom logo for me?

BundleGraphics Services

What are Bundle Graphics?

What does royalty free means?

What does non-exclusive mean?

What I will get after purchasing the graphic?

Can I modify the item that I purchased?

Can I use the print design on my printable products for sale?