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What are Smart PSDs?

These mock-ups can be used for what purposes?

I have little knowledge of Photoshop, can I still use it?

Can i use them on Mac or PC?

Which version of photoshop is required to use these mockup PSDs?

Can I use these PSD templates with any other application?

Is the file resolution (quality) high enough to sell on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.?

What will i get on buying any file?

I am comfortable with Photoshop, what adjustments are available in PSDs?

What if my product’s angle, camera hole and other features are not exactly the same as yours?

I sell cases with many models and need to buy many mockups. Do you offer some discounts or product bundles?

I also need royalty free creative designs to use with my various products. Do you sell them too?

I don’t need product mockups and only want to improve the quality of my product shots. Can you help me in this context?

My products are different than your mockups. I want high quality product photos with editable PSD template option. Can you make it for me?

Creating preview files for listing or print ready files for printing is too time consuming. Can you help me in fastening this process?


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