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SAVE 20% on minimum purchase of $99 | CODE: MAR20

Dental Logos Templates Pack of 10 Awesome unique designs

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10 highly creative unique vector logo templates made on the theme of dentistry are clubbed in a single pack with 50% discount. All logos are a pure vector with fewer anchor points and clean paths. Logo shapes are a pure vector with perfect lines and curves. Horizontal and vertical version with Colour, Reverse, and Black & White options included. Which are perfect for the screen, digital or large format printing, websites, apps and also suitable for machine routine, cutting, engraving, etching, embossing, and embroidery, etc. You get a zip file containing the vector.EPS and a help file for the used font information. EPS is the most acceptable format for all the graphics application. In case you need any other file format, like Ai, EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, etc, you can contact us, and we’ll convert it for you at no extra cost.

see description for each as below:-
Tooth Fairy - Molar & Smiling Moon Stock Logo Template for Child Oral Care
This logo is showing a tooth molar with a moon face. It is related to kids stories in which the fairy comes from the moon to take the broken tooth. This is representing magic, painless treatment, care, happiness, milk teeth and it is a must option for dental clinic, oral care product, tooth care product, learning media, treatment centers, kids books, emoticon etc. SKU: VR-LV-L533

Golden Smiles - Dental Care Clinic Stock Logo Template for Dentist
Graphic showing a tooth molar with three smiling faces and shining stars representing perfect shiny gold teeth. This graphic is representing healthy teeth, smile group, gold, shine, happiness. The logo can be useful for dentist clinic, dental care products, kids dentist, surgeon etc. SKU: VR-LV-L529

Rock Dent - Tooth Molar Stock Logo Template for Dentistry
This logo is showing tooth shape made with rock or small gem. It is representing strong, healthy, tooth, care, cavity free, dentist, oral problems. It is a must option for dental care, oral care center, dental clinic, oral care product etc. SKU: VR-LV-L538

Dental Tutor - Intellectual Stock Logo Template for Dentistry Education & Oral Health Care
This logo is showing a tooth with a brush on top like degree cap (mortarboard ). This graphic is representing higher education, intelligence, knowledge, teaching and it could be useful for dental education, dentists, oral care products, awareness affairs and business related to oral care and education. SKU: VR-LV-L536

Diamond Dentist - Abstract Tooth Molar Stock Logo Template
Tooth is made with diamond cut shapes and little stars representing strong and shiny tooth. This graphic is representing care, healthy teeth, cleanliness, curing, germs and cavity free, fame, shine. This could be useful for a dentist, oral care product, clinic, tooth care product, surgeon etc. SKU: VR-LV-L498

Dentist Smile - Abstract Objective Stock Logo Template
Simple linear style elements composing a toothbrush with a wide smile representing the concept of dentistry. This logo can be useful for the dental clinic, kids dentist, dental products etc. SKU: VR-LV-L178

Nature Dentist - Herbal Dental Paste & Toothbrush Stock Logo Template for Natural Oral Care Products
Tooth brush along with leaf shape as an herbal paste on it. This graphic is conceptualizing natural health care, healthy teeth, organic products, gentleness, purity and it's the best fit for oral care products, natural products, farming, toothbrush, dental clinics, various learning items regarding tooth care, & dentists etc. SKU: VR-LV-L531

Dog Dental - Animal Stock Logo Template for Pet Care Shop & Veterinary Hospital
Simple abstract graphic showing a dog composed of tooth molar. This graphic is representing dental care for pets, affection, treatment, pets, loving animals and could be useful for doctors, veterinary clinics, pets care centers, pets dental care, animal welfare centers, pet care blog etc. SKU: VR-LV-L622

Oral Care - Cute Dental Objective Logo Template
Logo is showing comic baby toothbrush graphic with bubbles. This logo can be useful for a child dentist, clinic, dental care product etc. SKU: VR-LV-L172

Dream Time - Sleeping Kid Stock Logo Template
This logo is showing the cute little child with closing eyes and smiling face. Stars along with it creating the concept of sleeping at night and dreaming. This logo can be useful for kids store, products, fairy tails books, production houses, child dentistry, etc. VR-LV-L186

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