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Fashion Stock Logo Templates Pack of 10 Awesome unique designs


10 highly creative unique vector logo templates on the theme of fashion and style are clubbed in a single pack with 50% discount. These Logos can be useful for fashion house, boutiques, stylists, fashion shows, glamour, cloth branding, clothing line and other fields related to fashion, style and glamour.

All logos are a pure vector with fewer anchor points and clean paths. Logo shapes are a pure vector with perfect lines and curves. Horizontal and vertical version with Colour, Reverse, and Black & White options included. Which are perfect for the screen, digital or large format printing, websites, apps and also suitable for machine routine, cutting, engraving, etching, embossing, and embroidery, etc. You get a zip file containing the vector EPS, Ai, PDF, SVG and a help file for the font used. In case you need any other file format, like PNG, JPG with the brand name you wanted, etc, you can contact us, and we’ll convert it for you at no extra cost.

see description for each as below:-

Fash Magic - Fashion Store Iconic Stock Logo Template

This logo is showing abstract graphics of a magician hat, bow tie and magic wand with magical stars. This artwork is representing clothing, dressing sense, fashion trends, tailoring, fancy dresses, magic show, latest fashion and could be useful for various events, ramp shows, acting schools, fashion carnivals, fancy dress, costume designer, fashion app, online shopping, designer wear, apparels store, fashion house, tailor, and various fields related with apparels & fashion.

Fashion Paradise - Fancy Apparel Store Stock Logo Template

This logo is showing feathers embedded with bow tie creating scenic beauty of heavenly atmosphere. It is representing feminine, delicacy, gentleness, softness, care, love full, peace, happiness, celebration, fashion, angels, fame, trendy and it is a must choice for fashion shows, ramp shows, beauty products, clothing services, feminine apparels, kids clothing and other items, fashion stores, latest trends, designer house, fashion app etc.

Fashion Hangouts - Designer Store Stock Logo Template Design

This logo is showing a bow tie hanged on a hanger with little shiny stars creating glamourous feel. It is representing feminine, clothing for men and women, fashion, glorious look, celebrity, high in class, joy, fame, trendy. This could be useful for tailors, boutiques, cosmetics material, beauty contents, modelling events, fashion shows, ramp shows, beauty products, clothing services, feminine apparels, fashion stores.

Fashion Freedom - Glamorous Figure Iconic Stock Logo Template

This logo is showing feminine figure with a star above it highlighting the glamorous part of it. This logo can be used for fashion events, fashion houses, parlours, designer wears, fashion magazines, fashion blogs etc.

Fashion Walk - Stylish Abstract Feminine Figure Stock Logo Template

Abstract linear logo is showing creative feminine figure of a model on ramp walk in. This artistic graphic of  modern women figure can be best fit for any fashion related business, product and service, It represents fashion, female, beauty, glamour, model, modern women, empowered women etc.

Glamour Gait - Fashion Walk Feminine Figure Stock Logo Template
An artistic logo of a tiny fairy creature that spreads out its wings to pursue the heights, representing the freedom and feminine. This little logo is simple yet carrying deep ideas of humanity and principles of an ideal life. It symbolizes beauty, heights of victory, feminine, freedom, girly, woman, excellence, victory, beauty care, modelling, passion, fashion, self sufficiency, fashion community etc.

Style Walk - Crane Bird Stock Logo Template for Fashion & Beauty

A stylish figure of crane bird showing fashionable walk and beauty. This graphic represents fashion, latest trends, ramp walk, posing, modelling, feminine, elegance, delicacy, beauty products, elegance, fame, glamour, apparels and could be used best for fashion shows, ramp shows, cosmetics industry, beautician, saloons, girly items, fashion stores, modelling concerts etc. Stylish walk is the icon of one’s personality. In every ramp shows and beauty contests, stylish walk is considered as a criterion of a person’s beauty.

Style Women - Modern Lady Stock Logo Template

This logo is showing a stylish lady wearing hat with vain representing latest trends.  It’s also representing fashion, beauty consciousness, fashion designing, feminine items, ladies apparels. This could be used for saloons, beauty contests, fashion shows, boutique, cosmetics items, fashion blogs, women apparels stores, parlours and such other services and businesses.

Retro Look - Mens Saloon Stock Logo Template

Cute and well groomed classy guy with sober look. This graphic symbolises unique, passionate, expressive, offbeat, handsome, ancient look. This is going to fit best for hair products, hair stylists, fashion designers, barber shops, cultural programs, saloons, avatar, emos, beauty products and beauty related businesses and services.

Star Design - Simple Abstract Stock Logo Template

Logo representing Abstract shape of Star. It could be useful in multiple concepts like creative design, ad agency, success, excel, letter “A” or “AD” etc.


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