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"SAVE50" for a 50% OFF | Get 5% & $1/item Reward on Skin PSDs and Videos
SKU VR-BG-0227 APi

Mobile Tempered Glass Features Icons Set

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Set of 46 black vector graphic icon set for mobile tempered glass. It includes all the appropriate icons durability, clarity, usability and specifications of tempered glass.

This set includes all the possible features related to many kinds of tempered glasses.
These features includes :-

anti shatter-shatter proof,
shock absorbing-shock proof,
HD-complete clarity-crystel clear transparency-transmittes original colors,
UV light protection-sun protection,
hardness-9h hardness-ultra hard coated,
smooth round edges- (2.5 D) 2.5 precision cut,
oliophoebic coating-water reppeling-prevents water to scatter-oil repel-easy to clean-dust reppelling,
0.33mm thickness,
0.25mm thickness,
full attachment-OR-easy to apply-no adhesive due to silicon coating,
leaves no marking-leaves no residue,
anti scratch-scratch proof with knife,
anti scratch-scratch proof with paw-pet friendly,
tempered vs common glass,
super slim-super thin,
super slim-super thin-0.2 mm,
prevents accidental breakeage,
extreme durability - perfect grip,
tru colors-no rainbow effect,
mild adhesive used,
high glossy glass-jewellery appearance,
heat resistance,
explosion proof,
lab tested- with-acid resistant/alkali resistant/corrosion resistant,
blue rays protection-eyes protection,
protection film layers,
anti fingerprint, etc.

set contains png, Ai, eps,

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