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Parrotorial - Colourful Wild Bird Stock Logo Template of Macaw Parrot


This Logo is showing artistic and colourful shapes creating a Parrot head. This cute parrot face representing art and craft skills, creativity, beauty, nature, life, hand work, drawing, painting, brush strokes. Parrot symbolises trickiness, diplomacy, mimicry, magic, talking, learning languages, happiness, hope, guide, assuming and it is a must option for art academies, stationery items, artists, painters, birds sanctuaries, natural beauty and natural habitats.

Logo shapes are a pure vector with perfect lines and curves. Horizontal and vertical version with Colour, Reverse and Black & White options included. Which are perfect for the screen, digital or large format printing, websites, apps and also suitable for machine routine, cutting, engraving, etching, embossing and embroidery, etc.
Free font used in the template. Details added in the help file inside the final zip folder.


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