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50% OFF on Skin PSDs, Pasting Videos & Graphics CODE: SAVE50

Partners / Couples Theme Graphics Pack

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22 vector graphic illustrations representing the theme of partners, couples, love birds etc. each illustration is part of the one pair of the same. Here we have combined all the illustrations and there variations in one pack yet we do not count the variations in the main amount of graphics we are giving.

These graphics are best suitable for the printed products like, 3d/2d/UV mobile phone cases, sublimation T-shirts, mugs, stickers etc.

Pack includes the following graphics with color and black version:

  • You are my world
  • Me your king you mah Queen
  • King Queen Profiles
  • Me your king & you mah queen / You mah king and I am your queen
  • I am South pole / I am North pole
  • Together forever
  • Me magnetic
  • You complete me
  • Proposal
  • I am your boy / I am your girl
  • moustache / lips
  • I love you / I love you too
  • king and queen 2
  • Dream girl / dream boy
  • i am complicated / i make things simple
  • His battery / her charger
  • Sending love signals / reciewving love signals
  • me gooogle / search me
  • yours / Mrs. Yours
  • King Queen 3
  • He n' She - you complete me

 This pack relates with the following:

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 Zip File Contains one Adobe Illustrator (Ai) and .Eps file.

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