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50% OFF on Skin PSDs, Pasting Videos & Graphics CODE: SAVE50
50% OFF on Skin PSDs, Pasting Videos & Graphics CODE: SAVE50

Education, E-Learning & School Logo Pack of 10 Awesome unique designs

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10 highly creative unique vector logo templates made on the theme of education, degree college, E-learning programmes, smart study,  and schooling are clubbed in a single pack with 50% discount. All logos are a pure vector with fewer anchor points and clean paths. Horizontal and vertical version with Colour, Reverse, and Black & White options included. Which are perfect for the screen, digital or large format printing, websites, apps and also suitable for machine routine, cutting, engraving, etching, embossing, and embroidery, etc. You get a zip file containing the vector. EPS and a help file for the used font information. EPS is the most acceptable format for all the graphics application. In case you need any other file format, like Ai, EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, etc, you can contact us, and we will convert it for you at no extra cost.

see description for each as below:-

Live Education - Online Learning Tools Stock Logo Template
This logo is showing a laptop and camera with focus point representing education and technology advancement. It is representing creative ideas, shooting, modern world, observation, safety, creativity, photography, e-learning concept, software development, live contest, communication, connectivity, globalization, coaching etc. This logo can be useful for online education, live training programmes, E-class, e-books, video chatting, photography blog, security solution, online security, internet security etc.

Smart Education - Intellectual Owl Bird Abstract Logo Design for Professional Consultant
Figurative graphic showing face of geek owl bird wearing spectacles & mortarboard (degree cap) on its head along with a book. The beak of the owl is resembling as speech balloon icon. This creative logo is representing intellectuality, geek, learning, smart education, comic character, guidance, advisor, consultant. The logo can be useful for educational, institutes, online learning, professional consultants, advocacy, learning apps & online teaching etc.

Intelli Ed - Cute Owl Bird Educational Stock Logo Template
This logo is showing an owl wearing square academic cap representing the concept of smart education. This logo can be useful for education consultants and councilors, online education, institutes, learning apps, study blogs, quiz & apps etc.

Online Education - Play Symbol Stock Logo Design Template
This logo is showing play symbol with a laptop embedded in it. It's representing learning, creative ideas, photography, e-learning concept, live contest, communication, connectivity, globalization, coaching etc. It is a must option for online education, re-training centers, electronics stores, software engineers, online gadgets shopping, music & play app, photographers, computer training centers, kids tutor, laptop accessories, children study material and many more purposes related to education and gadgets.

Infinite Education - Simple Abstract Owl Bird Stock Logo Template
Simple and cool linear abstract design is showing a geek owl face with sharp beak and big eyes wearing eye glasses over the face highlighting infinity symbol representing the idea of education, learning etc. This logo can be useful for education consultant, legal advisor, online learning programs, councillor, smart education, virtual reality apps and games etc.

Intellectual Growth - Nature & Education Abstract Stock Logo Template
Simple and clean tree sapling along with abstract book shape. The leaves growing in all the directions indicates complete and natural growth. It can be useful in various concepts of growth, community, group, green society, nature friendly, success, green, organic, environmental education etc.

Book Man - Creative Iconic Human Figure Stock Logo Template
This logo is showing an abstract composition of open book with stacked pages and human figure. It is representing interest, communicative skills, writing ideas, reading, human shape, library, book reading, poetry, story writings. This could be used for reading gadgets, book publishers, online book libraries, poets, stationery items, book stores, institutes, educational department, linguistic labs etc.

Play Pen - Cute Kids Abstract Stock Logo Template for Primary Education School
Artistic graphic representing two pencils with their caps having cute and comic faces of a boy and girl. This creative graphic is representing equality, friendship, co-education, early learning, fun, group, togetherness, creative classes, education, pencils. It is a must option for co-education academies, play-way schools, kids items, stationery items, comic character, symbol of friendship, education blog etc.

Kids Time - School Kids Stock Logo Template
Simple clock graphic with two happy faces of boy and girl kids. It represents the concept of school, punctuality, discipline, enjoy fullness, happy kids, educational websites, toys, games, kids channel, kids tv shows and other primary education fields.

Intellectual ID - Iconic Linear Stock Logo Template for Author / Writer, Acedmic Institute
Logo is showing pen shape graphic with continuous line along with human figure. This logo can be useful for script writers, blogs, authors, writer community, educational institute, Acedemics,  etc.

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