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50% OFF on Skin PSDs, Pasting Videos & Graphics CODE: SAVE50

Matrimony Stock Logo Templates Pack of 10 Awesome unique designs

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10 highly creative unique vector logo templates on the theme of matrimony services are clubbed in a single pack with 50% discount. These Logos can be useful for matrimonial, match making, dating, couple, community marriage, traditional marriage bearau, wedding, matchmaker services etc.

All logos are a pure vector with fewer anchor points and clean paths. Logo shapes are a pure vector with perfect lines and curves. Horizontal and vertical version with Colour, Reverse, and Black & White options included. Which are perfect for the screen, digital or large format printing, websites, apps and also suitable for machine routine, cutting, engraving, etching, embossing, and embroidery, etc. You get a zip file containing the vector EPS, Ai, PDF, SVG and a help file for the font used. In case you need any other file format, like PNG, JPG with the brand name you wanted, etc, you can contact us, and we’ll convert it for you at no extra cost.

see description for each as below:-

Indian Matrimonial Services - Marriage Bureau Logo

This geometrical shape logo is showing a composition of a kalasha (Kalash) made of red heart symbol as pot and the top triangle shape as coconut hold between the leaves along with human icons. This is a traditional and modern combination of Indian marriage concept. As red heart symbolizes Kumkum and Sindoor that are an important part of Indian Marriage and most importantly as we all knows it stands for love. Three dots together representing a community marriage concept. Also can be defined as two dots representing couple and the center dot is the uniting of both who is serving the cause. Also representing Bindi. Minimal looks are easy to remember and balance looks representing the idea of perfection that again works for a perfect match. This logo can be useful for communal marriage services, matrimonial services, marriage bureau, Hindu marriage services, Telegu matrimonial, south Indian matrimonial services, and traditional marriage services, other than matrimonial services.

Traditional Marriage Bureau - Matrimony Logo Design

This logo is basically designed for Asian traditions of marriage especially Hindu marriages. This logo is showing a gold shaded Kumbha (Kalasha) that is representing auspiciousness with Mangal sutra (necklace to tie in Hindu marriages) in a very clean and minimal graphics composition. Two red dots being human icons are representing Kumkum, Bindi or Sindoor that is again an important part of Hindu marriages. Perfect symmetrical balance is the symbol of perfect matchmaking. This logo can be either useful for matrimonial services and community matrimony sites or wedding accessories brand and also it may go with wedding planners.

Perfect Match - Matrimony Couple Logo Template
This logo is mainly designed for matrimonial services as it is clearly illustrating the idea of love and togetherness. This logo is showing a heart being filled with a composition of a male and female figures. Both were together making a couple. This logo basically stands for Asian communities according to the outlook of the couple. This logo can be useful for matrimonial services, dating sites, community matchmaking, wedding accessories brands, wedding venues, matrimony sites, marriage bureau etc.

Traditional Indian Couple - Abstract Punjabi Faces Creative Logo Design
This logo is showing abstract faces of Indian married couple in traditional outlook. This logo can be used for event designers, matrimonial sites, marriage bureaus, bridegroom accessories, cultural events, and societies etc.

(Equal Match) Social Equality - Male & Female Gender Iconic Abstract Stock Logo Template
Simple lines creating a natural cycle along with a human figure and letter "W". Logo can be useful for couple apps, social sites, modern matrimony, social welfare etc.

Love Bend - Gender Icons Creative Stock Logo Design
This logo is showing a heart embedded into male and female universal iconic symbols. It is representing couple, pair, love, healthy relationship, affection, gender equality, completeness, togetherness. This logo can be useful for matrimonial, dating sites, love apps etc.

Love Curve - Simple Iconic Heart Logo Design Template
Logo is showing a creative heart swirl with the abstract human figure. This logo is representing humanity, love, care, healthcare etc. This logo can be useful for heart care centers, dating apps, creative fields, matrimonial, beauty, and fashion etc.

We Together Stock Logo Template
Creative abstract shape of human figures and letter "W" and "E" creating the concept of WE or together. It shows community, people, hub, family, collaboration, growth, fun, matrimony, social, group, humans etc.

(Wedding Community) Healing Community - Human Icon Stock Logo Template
This logo is showing an abstract graphic of two human figures composed out of infinity symbol and giving a soothing effect. This logo is representing the idea of healing from soul to soul connection or the human interaction. This logo can be useful for healing community, couple apps, matrimony, yoga center, meditation etc.

Falcon ship - Care and Companionship Stock Logo Template of Falcon Birds
Pictograph showing two falcon birds interacting with each other representing friendship, love, freedom, partnership, integration, peace, communication. Falcon bird is representative of superiority, spiritual essence, light, power, focus, aspiration, intensity & determination. This graphic is a must option for travel agencies, partnership business, various communities, social hub, media, birds sanctuaries, greetings, travel accessories, matrimony services.

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