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10 Things you need to know before buying Vector Cutfile Templates

These are ten questions you must have the answer to before buying any vector cut file template. Let us get started with our discussion to understand this well.

What are CutFiles?

CutFiles are vector graphics. Suppose you sell vinyl skins for the wrapping of various devices. In that case, you need cut files as a guide that give cutting direction to the digital plotters/cutters, laser, routing, embroidery machines, etc., to produce wrapping cuts of the devices in the perfect shape and size.

Which file formats do they provide for the cutfile template?

Apart from Skin software, many vendors sell individual cut file skin templates. But you need to figure out many things before buying a template. First, check how many file formats they offer. Whether they provide globally accepted file formats or not. The files should be compatible with Vector graphic software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, and such. Ai, SVG, CDR, PLT, DXF, and EPS are the most common formats that are widely accepted. These formats work well with popular plotters like Graphtec, Roland, SUMA, Cricut, Cameo, and many more.

Content of Zip file by VecRas:File formats offered by VecRas for Vector SVG CutFile Templates


Skin Coverage Variants

It is crucial to have different Skin coverage options available. It allows you to offer your customers many opportunities, which may lead to better sales as you can cater to all types of customers. Always refer to product previews.

We at VecRas offer various options, such as:

  • Full wrap: Maximum device covered with the Skin
  • Back Only: Covers back side only, allows to use with a Phone case. 
  • A simplified version: Easy to apply with less skin coverage (available in complex devices)
  • Logo: Option to use Precise, Simplified, or without logo
    Different Skin Coverages Vector Cutfile SVG TemplateFull Wrap vs Easy to Apply Vinyl Skin Vector Template by VecRasOther vendors may offer multiple skin coverages for the Phones category because it is relatively easy. But they do not provide options for complex devices like Cameras, Drones, Gimbals, MacBook, etc.; we always include such variations for our customers. One must look for this vast difference before choosing a vendor.

Accuracy plays an important role.

The accuracy of the template is crucial. It indicates how close a measurement is to its actual device size. If the file size is inaccurate, you will waste expensive vinyl, which increases the chances of returns, and, eventually, a bad customer experience. 

Highly accurate sized vector skin templates by VecRas

So, take a little extra time to find a high-quality CutFiles supplier. Then you do not even have to test the template before shipping to your customer, saving a ton of money (spent on arranging the device for testing). 

Browse All Templates

What is the importance of Precision in Cutfiles?

Make sure that cutfiles are precisely designed and tested on the original devices using popular vinyl like 3M Di-Noc, 3M 1080, Oracal, etc. So the templates are designed with a unique professional style and have very high precision even on small holes, ports, corners, rounded shapes, etc. This precision will describe the Quality of your wrap.

iPhone 12 Skin Decal Template Full Wrap SVG by VecRas

What are the disadvantages of extra anchor points?

Ensure the cutting shapes don't have more anchor points than required. For instance, for a circle, four anchor points are enough for cutting. If the number of anchor points is more than needed, it increases the possibility of distortions and wastage of vinyl material. The rough shapes also distort the original cut shape. Choose templates that professionals make rather than pirated and substandard work offered at low prices.  

What is the Quality of the cutfile?

Good Quality wrapped devices help maintain customer satisfaction, loyalty, and risk reduction. You can check the Quality by buying just one file first or any free samples if available. So always choose good quality cutfile templates for your skin wrapping business.

What our customers say about it:
"I have always been a fan of this website; the wraps are precise and professionally done. Cheers to all the team behind this website! Thank you so much, VecRas!"  by thewolf
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One of the biggest reasons why many choose decals for gadgets is because of their fast and easy application. Simple is always better! The vinyl application should be hassle-free and easy to apply. If the templates are designed with this in mind, then anyone without experience should be able to wrap the device quickly by watching the Skin Pasting videos.

Do they provide matching mockups?

Suppose you sell Skin Wraps or printable products like Sublimation Phone cases on online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or your website. In that case, you need to showcase different designs on various models to list your products for the buyers. It's not practical for you to physically produce the final products with different designs/textures and conduct a photo shoot, retouch, and then upload them to the website because it's too time-consuming and costly. It's a huge advantage to have a matching Mockup PSD and a Precise Cutfile. Consider purchasing the Cutfile templates from companies that also provide matching PSD mockups. 

SmartPSD Mockup Template for Gaming by VecRas

With mockup PSD, you can easily display your products digitally and look realistic, just like real-life products. That's why PSD mockup templates are essential to running an e-commerce business. 
Browse Skin Mockup SmartPSDs

Skin Pasting Videos / Photos

Buy templates from an authentic business that provides quality checks in the form of photos or videos. It allows you to look at Precise fit skins prepared using their vector cut templates. Such images highlight the template's perfection and fitting, and pasting videos help you learn how to apply different gadgets' skins most easily.
Buy Skin Pasting Tutorials

MacBook Pro Vinyl Skin Test Images | Vector SVG Templates VecRas


Some cutfile templates are available at a low cost on many websites. Then the customers perceive that they are getting a good deal, but these low-cost templates do not have a precise fit & also have huge size differences. These vendors do not create templates by themselves or trace the shapes from other brand preview files. That's why they sell files at low prices, as they don't put in the effort, time, or resources. Low-quality templates may seem cheaper initially but don't help build long-term reliability and earn you greater profits. You can not try the Quality before purchasing, and no returns if you are unsatisfied.

Choose VecRas and get all the required content for your business at affordable and, importantly, top-notch Quality, which you will surely love.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any queries please Contact Us

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