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A Beginner’s Guide to using the Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus Vinyl Cutter

Step 1: Power On

Turn on the Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus cutter using the power button on the machine's left side.

Step 2: Load Bubble-Free Media

Load your bubble-free media into the cutter. Ensure the material is free from wrinkles or bubbles to prevent cutting errors. 

Step 3: Align the Media

Align the edges of the media using the upper and lower scales on the front guide. Proper alignment is essential to avoid "load media" errors.

Step 4: Adjust Push Rollers

Position the left and right push rollers according to the width of the media. Place them at least 5 mm inside the edges of the media, ensuring they securely hold the material.

Step 5: Raise the Media set lever

Raise the media set lever to secure the media in place firmly.

Step 6: Choose the Feeding Method

Select the appropriate feeding method based on your media type:

  • For rolls and large sheets, choose “Front Edge.”
  • For loose pieces of media, choose the “Sheet” option.
  • Select the "Current Position" feeding method when using materials where the starting position is not critical.

    Note - Understand and select the appropriate feeding method based on your vinyl and cutting requirements.

Step 7: Choose the Best Software for Cutting

As a beginner user, selecting the right software for cutting can significantly impact your experience. Here are three popular software options used with the Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus Vinyl Cutter:

  • Graphtec Studio/Pro Studio: This software offers a user-friendly interface with a wide range of design and cutting tools. It provides features like registration mark sensing, weed-line options, and nesting capabilities. Download
  • Cutting Master 4: This plugin works with Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW, allowing direct control of the CE6000-60 Plus cutter from these graphic design programs. Download 
  • SignCut Pro: A popular choice for vinyl cutting, SignCut Pro supports various vinyl cutters, including the Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus. It offers a user-friendly interface, automatic registration mark detection, weeding lines, and vectorisation and supports multiple file formats for designing and preparing artwork for cutting. Download

    Step 8: Set Force and Speed

    Set the force and speed settings according to the type of media you are using. Take note of your blade and the media's recommended force and speed settings for future reference.

    Note - For a 60-degree blade, the recommended settings for 3M Di-Noc and 2080 series thick vinyl are a speed of 20 and a force range of 27-30. On the other hand, for thin skin, it is advised to use a speed of 20 and a force range of 13-15.

    Step 9: Check Force with Test Cut

    To check the force, press the Cond/Test button. Adjust the force until it is appropriate for the thickness of the media. Perform a test cut by pressing the left arrow key and then enter. Press the pause/menu button to return to the home screen if the force is suitable.

    Step 10: Using VecRas Cutfiles with Adobe Illustrator

    To use a VecRas Cutfile with Adobe Illustrator, follow these steps:

    • Download the zip file from VecRas
    • Install Cutting Master from the above mentioned link.
    • Open Illustrator and go to the "File" menu, then click on "Open".
    • Choose the downloaded file from your computer.
    • Check the file size to ensure it matches the dimensions provided by VecRas.
    • Suitable Formats: Illustrator - Ai, SVG, EPS & Graphtec Pro Studio - Ai, SVG
    • For cutting, go to the "File" menu and click on "Cutting Master", then select "Cut Pot".
    • The Cut Pot interface will open. Choose the "Vertical" option from the rotate settings.
    • Finally, press the "Send" option to send the final job to your cutting machine.

    Step 11: Set Origin and Send Job

    Ensure that all settings are properly configured. Click on the "Origin" button to set the origin point. Then, send the job from the software you use for the cutter.

    Step 12: Verify Cut Size

    Before cutting the entire design, verify the cut size from the original file using a scale. This ensures accuracy and prevents any surprises in the final cut.

    Following these steps, you can confidently set up and use the Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus cutter for your cutting needs. 


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