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iPad Pro M4 & Air M2 are Live | 40% OFF on Skin Mockups & Pasting Videos | Code: SAVE40

7 Things you need to know before buying any Vinyl

  • Release paper 

Usually, 80-120 Micron and anti-glare coating are good enough for release paper. An anti-glare coating is used for non-stickiness on the release of the core product. Plus, it reduces the amount of visible dust and dirt on your release paper, so you enjoy your media without dealing with grime. One of the benefits of an anti-glare coated release paper is how easy it is to clean. It should appropriately stick the skin with the release paper. 

  • Bubble free 

Bubble-free vinyl is good dimensional stability on any device. It prevents air channels and microscopic glass beads, making them perfect for regular use. Bubble Free Vinyl is easy to remove and replace. Check bubble-free property before buying any vinyl because it improves your speed and gives smoother results in application.

  • Vinyl Texture

The Texture of the vinyl has a fine line, not too smooth or not rough. Rough vinyl textures harm your cutter blades and may not cut the skin perfectly. Soft textured vinyl makes your device less slippery and adds a grip.

  • Removable Vinyl

Removable vinyl is adhesive vinyl that easily peels off without leaving tacky and sticky marks on your device. It's also used for trial testing, making it more convenient. You can change your device vinyl as many times as you want to. 

Matte vinyl removes easier than regular gloss vinyl from most surfaces. The adhesive on the glossy vinyl is solvent-based and meant to be a more permanent option. It can be removed but not as easy as matte and may leave a residue.

  • Finish

The finish of the vinyl should be matte, not glossy. Matte vinyl has a weaker adhesive than shiny. If you have a bubble or wrinkle with the matte vinyl decals, you can lift it gently and smooth it out. A glossy finish makes your device more slippery and may damage the device. It should get wrapped on smooth corners of the device or any round area. Use a blow dryer to smoothen the edges for an excellent seamless experience.

  • Thickness

In the case of vinyl pasting on devices, thinner material can expand quickly and changes size. So thicker vinyl is the best choice (3M™ 1080). Thicker vinyl materials are waterproof, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. It is also important to understand the nature of skin STRETCHABLE & NON-STRETCHABLE vinyl.

  • Stickiness/Gum

Vinyl gum should be sticky but easily removable. Vinyl should not be overly sticky, so it is easy to remove later on or less sticky that it doesn't stick to any device. If you are worried that the surface may get damaged with the vinyl gum, buy some small samples, test them and then decide.

Now, you know what to look for while selecting a vinyl for your business. :)

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